Harjit Sons Property Blog http://www.jalandharproperties.in/blog/ Latest Products Thu, 29 Feb 2024 14:51:08 +0530 en-us http://www.jalandharproperties.in Why Should You Consult a Real Estate Agent? http://www.jalandharproperties.in/blog/why-should-you-consult-a-real-estate-agent_4484.htm Wed, 10 Dec 2014 16:37:13 +0530 Many people who are planning to invest in real estate prefer taking this decision by themselves or at most they will consult a friend or a relative. Of course, everybody has some advice to give to others, regardless of whether they are an expert or not. What is often ignored here is that the suggestions from friends cannot be regarded as that of a professional. Here are some reasons for why you consult a Real Estate Agent for a property deal? Knows the expected developments that can affect the property’s value. A Real Estate Agent is aware about the expected developments in the area, such as any upcoming infrastructural plans. There are some basic factors that lead to appreciation in the value of a property; to make a profitable investment one should consult a Real Estate Agent who is well aware about such details. Informs about the potential problems or limitations of a property. While there is nothing perfect in this world, how could a property be? There are some facts about a property that you may not be able to find on your own. A good Real Estate Agent will know and inform you about the limitations of a property or the neighborhood.  Save up on your time. If you start searching for the right property yourself, you get bombarded with so many options that you will end up being confused. But the assistance from a Real Estate Agent will help you filter through options very swiftly. You can also save on the time of calling and waiting for every listing agent. With a good Real Estate Agent to consult you, a lot of obstacles can be avoided. It becomes easier to locate properties and gather all the relevant information about them. An informed choice is always a wiser choice. Factors to Consider Before Buying Commercial Property for Sale India? http://www.jalandharproperties.in/blog/factors-to-consider-before-buying-commercial-property-for-sale-india_4485.htm Wed, 10 Dec 2014 16:38:45 +0530 Buying Commercial Property in India is a very important decision. Not only does it involve a great deal of money to be invested, but also your future earnings are dependent on it. There will be many property owners who will try to loop you into buying at exorbitant rates. But you will have to judge whether the prices being quoted are worth it or not and also analyse if the place is any good to you. If you are looking for Commercial Property for Sale in India for setting up a new business or relocating the existing one, consider the following factors before you decide to dive in. Location- Setting up a seemingly profitable business at the wrong place is sure to take you right into losses. You should consider the location and decide whether your potential buyers can reach out to you or not. This is applicable for both retail and wholesale businesses. Being located in an established market does not assure success. Sometimes, opening up a business at a new but promising market can give you the first mover advantage.    Feasibility of Production- If you are planning to set up a production unit, the Commercial Property you are buying should be able to support it. It should be the required size. The basic resources such as electricity or water supply that you may need for the functioning should be readily available. If your unit is likely to produce much of waste, then consider about its management also. While looking for a Commercial Property for Sale in India, there will be many options laid out in front of you. A property that is suitable for one business may not be suitable for yours. Rather than falling for lucrative deals, go for a multidimensional approach in such matters and judge the Commercial Property for Sale on every parameter before you buy.  How to Evaluate a Residential Property for Sale? http://www.jalandharproperties.in/blog/how-to-evaluate-a-residential-property-for-sale_4707.htm Fri, 16 Jan 2015 11:54:41 +0530 Whether you are planning to purchase a Residential Property for the purpose of investment or for settling in there, evaluating it is very crucial. Lately, many residential projects have sprouted up and all of them claim to be offering the best deals and dream home constructions. You should be a wise investor so that you can buy the most suitable Residential Property for Sale. Here are some factors upon which you can evaluate a Residential Property for Sale. Area or Location: The locality where a Residential Property for Sale is located is the most important factor. A well-established society will have exorbitant property rates. A superbly constructed house located in Ghaziabad will be valued much lesser than a smaller construction in South Delhi. Furthermore, we all are aware that locality or neighborhood where the house is built is also regarded as a status symbol. Infrastructure and Facilities: A Residential Property should be valued according to the kind of facilities that are being provided. Is there continuous supply of water and electricity? Are the stores for essential commodities located nearby? How well constructed are the roads? Is there accessibility via buses and other public transport? Are there any future infrastructural plans by the government? These factors are important determinants of a property’s value. Construction: When looking for an already constructed property, check the quality of architecture and setting of the house. If you want, you can also ask if the construction has been done as per Vaastu Shastra or not. The aesthetic appeal of the house is purely a subjective matter and there are no rules for judging it.  Even when you are buying the Residential Property for Sale for an investment purpose, you will have to consider the above mentioned factors because your future buyer or tenant will take them all into account. How to Look for Plots for Sale? http://www.jalandharproperties.in/blog/how-to-look-for-plots-for-sale_4860.htm Mon, 23 Feb 2015 15:40:00 +0530 Looking for suitable plots for sale but tired of turning the pages of newspapers and asking friends and relatives for advice? No doubt seeking a suitable Plot For Sale can turn out to be a strenuous task! This blog intends to provide useful information about How to Look for Plots For Sale. Approach Knowledgeable PeopleIf you know somebody who has recently bought any plot, approach him/her. He/she can help you a lot by giving you right insights e.g. areas in which plots are less expensive. Browse WebsitesThere are several real estate websites, which showcase listings of various plots available for sale in various locations. One can check the prices of the plots on these websites and also see the high definition pictures of the plots. Avail Services of a Real Estate AgentBrowsing classified ads and giving ear to friends and acquaintances’ advices is not just enough! If you are looking for a Plot For Sale, the best thing to do would be to get in touch with a reliable real estate agent! A real estate agent can: Provide Fast Services: Real estate agents leverage their web of networks and work by maintaining comprehensive data bank of Plots for Sale. Apprise the real estate agent about the kind of plot you need and what is your budget! The real estate agent would immediately scan the data bank and instantly suggest you suitable Plots For Sale that you can consider. Help in Making Thoughtful Decision: Real estate agents also provide information related to future capital appreciation of property, crime rate in the location, future infrastructure plans by government in the location etc. They also make accurate assessment of the value of the property. If you are looking for a Plot For Sale in Jalandhar, you can find many trusted real estate agents that can assist you in finding the right plot. Whether you are looking for a commercial Plot For Sale or a residential Plot For Sale, you can avail services of a real estate agent at very affordable charges. Why You Need a Real Estate Agent? http://www.jalandharproperties.in/blog/why-you-need-a-real-estate-agent_4954.htm Thu, 12 Mar 2015 10:26:47 +0530 Whether you wish to buy or sell any residential, commercial, industrial or any other property type, a real estate agent can help you strike a worthwhile deal! Many real estate agents only charge a nominal fee and offer end-to-end services to clients. They leverage their extensive networks and provide prompt and reliable services. A real estate agent represents the interests of the client during the complete realty transaction. Keep reading if you want to know more about Why You Need a Real Estate Agent. All real estate agents work by maintaining comprehensive data banks of properties and also keep them updated. A real estate agent can immediately find for you a property that best matches your needs. A real estate agent knows many property lawyers and can assist you with the paper work. A real estate agent has wide networks with various property valuation professionals and can make right value assessment of your property. A real estate agent helps in arranging property loan from financial institutions. A real estate agent advises clients on how to make certain modifications in the properties so that they can increase the value of their properties. A real estate agent provides listings for property available for sale on various listing websites. A real estate agent offers useful information related to real estate developments to clients. A real estate agent takes over all the headache of showing property for sale to potential buyers. Before suggesting a suitable property to client, a real estate agent also provides information about neighborhood, crime rate, future value appreciation etc. A real estate agent provides assistance in leasing and renting of properties by finding potential lessees and tenants. Hope this blog gave you useful insights about the services provided by real estate agents and explained effectively Why You Need a Real Estate Agent. There are many renowned Real Estate Agents In Jalandhar and one can avail their services at affordable rates. Understanding property trends for House For Sale In Jalandhar http://www.jalandharproperties.in/blog/understanding-property-trends-for-house-for-sale-in-jalandhar_5585.htm Thu, 30 Jul 2015 17:00:06 +0530 Many people buy homes thinking that it will appreciate as an asset. Property investment has always appreciated and most people prefer to buy homes or commercial spaces rather than stocks. The realty industry has improved, as infrastructure has become better. Some people are making good investments in immovable properties that are appreciating. It’s a unique income opportunity that has raised the standards of investors. Punjab’s oldest city Jalandhar is witnessing landscape changes. In case, you are doing business in the city and need a house for sale in Jalandhar, then you must know the property trends to get the best deals.Well-connected areas are in demandPeople today are buying properties in the form of homes and offices. As Jalandhar grows towards new development, it is clear that big builders are entering the city with their expertise. They are offering homes with amenities for sale. There are also making large-scale retail establishments that provide people with entertainment, public utilities and parking spaces. Any area that is well connected will have schools, hospitals malls in the vicinity. People who have come to do business in the city are also buying homes as investments. This has fueled the growth factor further. The property indicators now show that it is normal for most families to have two homes. Both Jalandhar and Ludhiana have better connectivity via rail and roadways. Many NRIs are also returning to this place to have a house of their own. An NRI looking for a house for sale in Jalandhar has the option of buying or investing in many luxurious neighborhoods. Real estate consultants know the trends betterPeople like builders and brokers are aware of the ground reality that makes the property market move in certain areas. If you are new to the city and need guidance other than friend or relative, it is best to deal with a well-known consultant. A consultant is usually responsible for setting the meeting between the owner and buyer. If one deal falls through, they can always work out another deal. This is one reason why they are better when it comes to buying homes in Jalandhar. Professional property consultants regularly deal with NRIs coming to the city for their home needs. They are aware of the documentation and legal formalities. It makes sense to approach them for all home-buying needs. After all, it is a dream to own a home and buying it should not turn into a nightmare. You must verify all papers for any Plot For Sale In Jalandhar before buying http://www.jalandharproperties.in/blog/you-must-verify-all-papers-for-any-plot-for-sale-in-jalandhar-before-buying_5586.htm Thu, 30 Jul 2015 17:05:27 +0530 If you are looking for Plot For Sale In Jalandhar and are not aware of the modalities, please read on. It could prove helpful to seal the perfect deal. Has it ever struck to you that you need an unbiased platform to consider before buying any plot of vacant land? If not, then this is the time to get on the right platform to get support for sealing any property deal.A right platform is a portal that provides experienced people who understand the areas where the plots are being sold. Each area has its uniqueness and character. When you verify all paperwork, the property can be legally yours and you will have a peace of mind.Hot tips for plot buyers in JalandharThe ambition to own a minimum 4 marla house in the oldest city is a dream come true for many young couples. If you have the right budget and little knowledge, it could prove to be beneficial. What does a property deal agreement entail? Make you own budget first. This will help you to choose areas where plots are available in your budget. The wild goose chase stops when you know what is affordable and what is not. Ask a property dealer to assist in this preliminary phase. Every plot has a multi-dimensional investment for a buyer. It is a milestone for the investor who expects better returns decades later. Location-This really sums up the need to get the right area for the plot. So when you get series of Plot for Sale In Jalandhar, your main criterion should be to check the paperwork. You will need legal advice, help with the stamp duty charges, calculation on the exact amount payable, taxation structure etc. Finance options- Often buyers need additional money to get the right plot. Many builders and property owners may help out. There are many lenders but the banks give the best rates. Hence, make a right assessment. Many property advisories know which banks will be useful and if they will provide money to make a house on the plot of land. Ensure that the land is not disputed- Even if the broker, agent or builder speaks of clear papers, you must make your enquiries. Often when you seek loan from banks, they will also conduct the enquiry before giving the loan. This is another vital reason to have a bank funding. Property Legal Adviser in Punjab A Must Have for Property Transactions http://www.jalandharproperties.in/blog/property-legal-adviser-in-punjab-a-must-have-for-property-transactions_5640.htm Fri, 28 Aug 2015 13:03:54 +0530 Buying or selling property anywhere in the world is a little complicated when it comes to the documentation. In most cases, it will start with a simple memorandum of understanding (MOU) or letter of intent (LOI), which will state the willingness of the seller to sell and the intention of the buyer to buy the property. They will also agree on the price of the sale and fix a timeframe within which to conclude the deal. Within this timeframe, the buyer has to pay the full price as  agreed and the sale deed drawn up, signed and registered with the prescribed authorities. In the state of Punjab, in India also the sale and purchase of property are done on similar lines. But for this to happen smoothly, you will need a property legal adviser in Punjab. Why would you need a legal entity in these deals and what role does the legal adviser play? Let us explore.   Legal Position Crucial at Every Stage If you are buying a property from some you know very well and the deal is being handled by a reliable property consultant, on whom you have absolute trust, it will appear to be fine. But with the phenomenal increase in the value of properties, especially in a progressive state like Punjab, there can always be black sheep everywhere. In the very first step, when you have physically inspected the property, whether it is a piece of land or a built up house or a factory you need to be sure that the actual title of the property is in the name of the person you are going to buy from. This needs to be verified from the local authority’s records. The records with the government or the local body should clearly show that the seller owns the property without any encumbrances. This is better done by a legal expert who specialises on property matters. Even the MOU should be properly worded so that both the seller and the buyer get a fair deal. The buyer should be clear on the consequences of not being able to pay the full amount of the value agreed upon within the time stipulated. Will the buyer forfeit the advance paid in such a circumstance?   Sale Deed and Registration The property legal adviser in Punjab will also play a crucial role in drawing up the main sale deed which, after it is registered with the Registrar, will confer the legal right of ownership of the property to the buyer. Thus choose the right legal expert with exposure to property transactions.        General information about kothis http://www.jalandharproperties.in/blog/general-information-about-kothis_10089.htm Mon, 15 Feb 2021 11:44:42 +0530 In the English dictionary, "Kothi" solely refers to bungalows. Bungalows are moderate-sized one-storeyed or two-storeyed houses. They are generally built into a sloped roof. In terms of square feet and size, they are not very large. There is a prevalence of varied types of a bungalow. It is marked as different and unique structures. One of its most unique features is the presence of a fewer number of rooms. These Kothis are smaller in size in comparison with multi-storeyed buildings, they are smaller in size. But in comparison to large buildings, bungalows or kothis occupy a larger area of land. There are dormer windows and verandas present in every bungalow. Many people keep their Kothi For Sale or rent.Advantages of KothiIn the above description, it has been stated that the kothis are smaller if compared to high buildings, but they occupy larger areas than the buildings. They possess several advantages which are the following:-● Easy Maintenance: Kothis are very easy to maintain. One does not have to put in much amount of effort for its maintenance purpose. They do not need to be cleaned or washed regularly. Because of its small size, you do not need to explore different areas to keep it clean. The least one can do is swipe the floor once a week.● Comfortable for living: Staying in bungalows is of great comfort. Bungalows open the way for the entry of sunlight during the day time and fresh air in the evening. The kitchens of kothis are planned profoundly. The bathrooms of Kothis are spacious and are sketched properly. The construction of kothis is well-designed that makes life much comfortable and easier. They are eco friendly as well. Jalandhar is bestowed with unique Kothis. Several times in newspapers, one might come across the Kothi For Sale In Jalandhar.● Maintains privacy: Privacy is very important for every human being on earth. The first and foremost criteria of people before buying any house, complex, or bungalow is the privacy factor. Bungalows successfully maintain privacy and do not let your private life get public. Since it captures a larger plot of land, it keeps you away from neighbors or neighborhood residents. This is how bungalows or kothis act effectively in protecting your privacy.● Beneficial for elders: For elderly persons, kothis are a better choice than buildings. Aged people cannot climb staircases, they are weak and their system does not allow them to climb staircases. Since bungalows are smaller than buildings, there is no question of climbing staircases. Elderly people can live at ease inside bungalows without worrying about climbing staircases.● Environment Friendly: Living in bungalows leads to the reduction of energy. This is because there is only one floor present for heating and cooling. This proves that bungalows are really eco friendly. Along with that, they are widely known for their superior accessibility. They are productive in saving electricity as well.Kothis are certainly very beneficial for humanity because of the unique characteristic features they possess. They have some real aesthetic decor as a result, of which people find them attractive and want to settle in Kothis or bungalows. The Factors to Keep in Mind while Buying a 3BHK House for Sale in Jalandhar http://www.jalandharproperties.in/blog/the-factors-to-keep-in-mind-while-buying-a-3bhk-house-for-sale-in-jalandhar_10437.htm Wed, 21 Apr 2021 14:38:09 +0530 Buying real estate property in any part of the world is no child’s play. However, over the years buying residential properties has become easier with banks. Several nationalized and the private bank providing affordable home loans to the citizen of our country. Jalandhar is among the rising locations in the real estate industry that offers first-time homebuyers residential properties at a very reasonable price.Jalandhar provides for several top localities such as Model town, Surya Enclave, etc. that are attracting the attention of young homebuyers with modern age living. Various types of residential properties in Jalandhar like flats, villa, single standing houses, etc are available with modern-day conveniences at an attractive price.However, not every one of us has a provision to buy high-rise apartments or flats within the city of Jalandhar. Although location is an important factor to consider when buying residential property, buying a 3 BHK house for sale in Jalandhar outside the city limit can become an asset in the long run. Listed below are a few factors to consider when buying an affordable house outside the city limit.   • NeighborhoodIt is among the main factor to consider when buying affordable houses outside the city limit. A good Neighbourhood feel, adequate amenities, and accessibility will help you make an easy transition into your daily routine and give you a sense of community. The neighborhood should be connected to major transport routes to help you with your office or work commute into the city.The lot size is also dedicated to the neighborhood you have opted for. Make sure that there are parks, shopping centers, schools, etc in proximity within the neighborhood before making your final decision of buying an affordable house.• Growth PotentialThere are several on-going housing projects both within the city and outside the city of Jalandhar. By investing in an upcoming location that has growth potential you will get a better return on your investment. Therefore, conduct a thorough research about the development of the locality to ensure smart investment. Opt for areas outside the city limit where there are ongoing commercial projects or residential projects or are being planned as these add to the desirability factor of the property.• House LocationAlthough you can easily find several affordable houses for sale outside the city limit one should also be careful where the house is located. Some people opt to buy 3 BHK houses for sale in Jalandhar on busy streets or near highways simply because they are cheaper. However, when it comes to selling the property later over the years you might find only a few buyers interested in your property. This is limit your home buyers during the sale of the property and might even result in loss.If your property has a water body nearby, then the value of your property might increase in the future. There is a huge demand for such affordable houses with views in today's real estate market.   Apart from the above-discussed pointers, the condition of the house itself is a vital factor to consider. You should make sure that the Affordable House for Sale in Jalandhar that you have opted for does not require major updates or home renovation projects. These home projects can easily become expensive. Opt for an affordable house with a larger lot in good condition to get the best return on your investment.